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The Substance

The SUBSTANCE has always existed. It will always exist. It is the primal substance of all things. It is the most real thing; thus, it is the only thing that actually exists. Everything else is a modality of an attribute of the Substance. Everything else, to some degree, is less real than the Substance.

One does not pray to the Substance. In fact, one cannot fully comprehend the Substance, because the Substance transcends both our nature and experience. To comprehend the Substance is to be one with the Substance, but to be one with the Substance means to not exist as "other" than the Substance; therefore, only the Substance can comprehend the Substance.

The Creator

The CREATOR is a modality of an attribute of the Substance. That attribute is consciousness. As ice is a modality of H2O, so the Creator is a modality of consciousness.

That Creator is dreaming the universe into existence. It holds all things in place. It is the god of quarks and galaxies. The term "universe" includes the entire physical and astral aspects (or planes) of the universe.

There may be infinite Creators and universes, but we can never actually know that. We can only know about this universe, because we are of this universe only.

Praying to the Creator is pointless. The Creator has no singular personality with which to communicate. It does not utilize the kind of mind we have, rather its mind is general and not specific. It holds all things in existence regardless of time (past, present, or future), or place, or nature. The Creator is not conscious, per se; rather, the Creator embodies consciousness.

The Divine

The DIVINE is the astral manifestation of the Creator within its own universal dream. It is the only image the Creator sees of itself. Without the modality of the Divine, the Creator has no perception of itself. It's just like a dream you have at night: In that dream, you have a dream body you experience as yourself and that dream body experiences the events of the dream. So, it is with the Creator and the Divine. On the astral plane, there is an entity we know as the Divine, and it is the personification of the Creator.

The Divine is what most people consider "God." They may have different ideas as to what the Divine is like and call it Jehovah, Yahweh, Satan, Vishnu, Allah, The Father, etc., but whatever term is used and however it is symbolized, it is the God we know.

Thus, the Divine is the god you pray to. It is the god that hears you. It is concerned about you, and it can change the world for you if it chooses to.


A MIND is a modality of the Divine within the physical world. It perceives the physical universe. The Divine creates minds so it can participate in the physical world via mental telepathy.

A mind is not necessarily eternal. Some minds continue to exist on the astral plane after the death of their host (the physical body they possessed in life), but most simply reabsorb back into the Divine, thus becoming the Divine and simultaneously ceasing to exist at the same time.

Astral Entities

ASTRAL ENTITIES, on the other hand, are minds that continue to live on the astral plane after the death of the body they possessed on earth. They are not reabsorbed into the Divine. These entities represent the population of the astral plane. Just as there are physical people on earth (and perhaps other physical beings on other planets in the universe), so too, there are spiritual people on the astral plane. These are astral entities.



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