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Zagan Theology


1. Follow Zagan only.

If you choose to connect with Zagan as your spirit guide, do not have any other spirit guides you follow or take advice from. The exception would be if Zagan sends you a helper, that is one of his demons, daemons, or entities, to work with you. But you will clearly know that such an entity is from Zagan, and Zagan will still be your one and only lord and teacher.

2. Do what is in your nature.

Don’t try to be something you are not. Your first journey into the wisdom of Zagan morality is knowing what you are truly like, how you are honestly motivated, and what you can never change about yourself. This is your nature; do not try to fight it. It won’t work, and it goes against whatever mission you were meant to accomplish in this life. You are who you are for a reason.

3. Do not do what you hate.

It is not uncommon for people to develop habits, live according to programs, or obey authority figures that they do not believe in or want to possess as a definition of their character. These things are just as likely to be “good” as they are “bad” qualities by the standards of society. Either way, they run counter to the life we feel we were supposed to live. So, if you hate something, don't do it. Take whatever action is necessary to remove yourself from that aspect or those actions that you do not want as part of your life. Even if it’s hard, or even if you don’t ultimately succeed, at least put up a fight.

4. Avoid getting caught.

Given what's been said above, it is possible that something in your nature or something you hate and want to remove from your life may not be something society agrees with. Remember that you are a sorcerer of Zagan first and foremost, so you must live according to and do what you are guided to do above all else, but this could have consequences. Therefore, it is the other side of the coin that in doing something society does not approve of, you will have to devote an equal amount of energy to not getting caught. This may involve the employment of your intelligence and discipline, but such work is part of your growth and development. After all, if you get caught, you may well be prevented from ever living out your life the way you were supposed to.

5. Respect yourself as a sorcerer of Zagan.

As a sorcerer of Zagan, you are a dignified being. Regardless of your station in life in the physical world, you are destined to live in the kingdom of Zagan on the astral plane when your demise finally arrives, and Zagan is royalty on the astral plane. Just as the royal family of England is expected to do nothing that would cause the Queen or country embarrassment, so too, you should always have the dignity of a prince or princess when it comes to your life as a follower of Zagan. Most often this means possessing a civilized, polite, gracious, and honorable demeanor in all circumstances. If you are a follower of Zagan, then you come from power. You should act like a powerful person and exude that dignity.

6. Maximize your experience in this world.

To experience things in the physical world, and to transmit that experience from your mind to the mind of the Divine is the only reason any human being was ever created (See the entry "Minds" on the Zagan Theology page:

Therefore, you should try to live your life as wide as possible. Be curious, explore, investigate, travel, and seek out new things. Some people are more able to do this than others, but it’s not so much what you do, but whether you have an attitude for doing it in the first place. Do not be afraid to expand your horizons. For some, that may mean traveling to the far reaches of the world. For others, that may mean staying in place and becoming an artist when they never thought it was in them to be one. Whatever means you have available, with the time you have been given in this physical life, use those means to experience things in this world.




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