Tarot Readings by Edward Gordon



There is a synchronicity in our universe: Everything happens in our individual life paths for a reason and on cue. We don’t understand why the world was designed as it is, but there are symbols we can view to see deeper into the spectrum of time than is apparent to our physical senses.


When you ask a question, I hold that question in my mind as I shuffle the tarot deck according to my special rituals. The Divine then orders the cards to reveal the symbols we need to interpret as a message that is just for you.

Are you wondering where your life is headed? Are you on the right spiritual path? Are you wondering what the future holds for your relationships? Your financial prosperity? All these questions and more can be answered using my system of tarot.


I'm a specialist in tarot divination, and I can do a private reading for you. If you're ready to know the truth of a situation, if you're ready to know the future, call or contact me today.

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Only $9.95

per question




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