Amazing reading. Highly recommended at a great price too!! Answers to all what's going on right now in my life.
~Karina, Private Client

Just wanted to say that I had a tarot reading with Edward Gordon this evening and it was spot on.
~Kelli, FPR Facebook Group

Hi Edward just to give you feed back the tarot reading I received from you 2 weeks ago on Live Hour was so accurate and have just been informed to start work on Tuesday. Thank you again

Thank you for your time and the reading. It was great and perfect information. See...what's most important definitely does come through!
~J. (Private Client)

You are spot on with everything you say...
~Kenny, FPR Facebook Group

Wow!!!! Everything was pretty much spot on!!
~ S.N.

Hi Edward I'd like to thank you again for that factual onpoint readings. I truly feel the spirits used you to get a clear message across to me. I'm so thankful you helped me dodge a major bullet.
~ Ashia

It may sound strange but the reading has reinforced everything I believe in and I feel with this I am now able to relax a little and just have faith.

Edwards readings are great! Very spot on and amazingly accurate :)
~Christy Michellee

Omg that was to most spine chilling reading I've even gotten. It's so accurate it just makes me want to jump for joy. Thank you so so much this was by far the best reading I've ever had.
~ Lina Barraza

I just want to say thank you and you are extremely gifted. Your insight was greatly appreciated, in every way I can ever appreciate it.
~ Stephanie D. are amazingly accurate...thank you.
~Natosha Bunn

Wow without knowing my situation you have it spot on. This reading makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for the insight.
~Stacey Rowe

Wow. WOW. Thank you so much Edward for this reading. It has definite meaning to me and spot on to what has been happening to and within me since just last Thursday. I really appreciate it.
~ Amy Pulley

I can't thank you enough. I am almost speechless as to how accurate this is.
~ Lila Fang

Thank you for very inspirational reading.. I have gained the further understanding and insight that i needed relating to my career and relationship. With your help i now feel reconnected with my creative and inspired to live the life i have imagined for myself. Thank you for sharing your talent With just right measure of sensitivity and honesty. My reading was amazingly accurate reassuring educational and inspiring and very entertainting. I will remember everything. Thanks Edward.
~Saloni Thakre

Thank you Edward nothing and no body could have described my every day being as perfectly as you just have.
~Georgia Brown

That was great! What an enlightening reading, Edward! Thank you so much for that! I'll be sure to tell others about your good work! Blessings!
~Gustavo Sanchez

Hello Edward! I feel so much better than I did when you gave me the awesome readings on my late husband. My grief IS improving!  ...U r an amazing, gifted man!
~Stefani Staschiak-Birman

Wow... This is a lot to take in! And yes it makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much Edward Gordon!! You are truly amazing!!
~Drea Danielle (tarot reading)

How do you do it? You sound like the voice within me that I know.
~P. from

Wow Edward!! That was an amazing analysis. I am amazed to know this information.
~C. in New York

Thank You, Gordon, this is amazing.
  ~E. in Great Britain

This is The most exciting And amazing And unbelievable interpretation i Have ever Got. 
~Anonymous in Bean Town

I gotta tell you Gordo, this was great. Most of the things you said, feel like you understand me better than any of my friends. 
~Anonymous in Europe 

Edward, you may only have 11 posts, but the quality and the length of these posts are astounding. Keep up the good interpretation. 
~Exhalent, Dream Views 

Thanks a whole bunch! I normally would not subscribe to such dream interpretation (I certainly was not expecting something as deep as you presented.), but your interpretation actually struck many chords! You really do have a gift.
~Paradox, Dream Views

That was amazing. Thank you so much for the time you took to interpret that dream…you hit the nail on the head. 
~S. in Oklahoma

You have been a huge help, and have put into perspective things that could truly have changed my life for the worse if I hadn’t tried to discover their meaning! 
~MintJulip, Dream Moods 

Thank you for the interpretation. I really appreciate it, and I'm glad I now have someone to turn to for all my future dreams! 
~Teacher, Dream Moods

I was in a dark place, but your interpretation of my dream gave me real hope. It’s like it gave me the courage to make the changes in my life that I know I need to make. It gave me hope for a brighter future. Thank you so much. 
~Melody in Colorado

 Your comments have made me think in a way that I haven't and were very valuable to me…Trust me Gordon, you're an excellent contributor and have wonderful skills. 
~Rsub, Dream Central 

Edward, thank you for your interpretation of my dream - it resonated with my soul and means a lot to me. 
~Cherokee Dremer, Dream Central 

Wow! How do you do that? amazing thank you so much. 

You have given me some great insight into where I'm headed! Thank you for that! 
~Dan in Canada

Edward's take on it was about the same feeling I got, although I could only wish to pull that much out of all the symbology that was in there. To analyse it to that detail was amazing! 
~Audiostratus, Dream Moods

I have read your interpretation. I sense truth in almost every sentence you've mentioned…Thank you so much Gordon for making my dream clear to me and for providing me the message. 
~CR, Dream Moods