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Transit Analysis for Jan 7, 2017

You asked: [What will the New Year bring?]

Hello Diane,

I want to direct your attention to January 7th. This date is very important for you.

The transiting sun and the transiting Pluto will align in Capricorn in your third house. What that means is that the sun will energize Pluto, and you will discover the key to your ambitions.

You see, your rising sign is Scorpio, and Pluto rules Scorpio. And the one very Scorpion quality you possess is cunning. Scorpio is your rising sign, Mars powers your 8th house (which is the House of Scorpio), and on the 7th, the sun and Pluto are going to align.

They are going to align in your third house--the house of intelligence and communication, but let's stay on the intelligence part of it for now.

They are going to align in your third house in a part of it that is influenced by Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of ambition, vocation, and making your mark on the world.

So, you are about to become very enlightened on just how you are going to actualize your mark on the world. You're going to see a clear path, and your natural cunning personality is going to illuminate the path, or the method in which you will achieve it. In other words, you're about to have a major revelation about the direction of your life. And you may think to yourself that you should have seen it all along, but understand that it was meant to reveal itself this coming year--not before. It couldn't happen before. This was the Divine's time for it in your life.

You will also begin to feel an increased curiosity and need to learn new things this year, especially philosophical or religious things. You’re seeking something, trying to travel towards something, but Saturn (the planet of restrictions) has been blocking your natal moon (the planet of your emotions) which normally shines on Sagittarius (the sign of higher learning, religion, philosophy, curiosity and travel.). Saturn, starting just at New Year’s Day, will begin to move away from your natal moon, and you will once again feel an emotional need to discover new things.

So, happy New Year's, Diane! Some good things are about to happen for you this year. You can certainly look forward to it. :-)


Edward Gordon, SPS Inst.

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