Tarot Reading Example
by Edward Gordon

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Hello Jane,

Your Question: [Will me and my partner be married?]

There will be a marriage, but only if you insist on it. Just as the Justice figure sits on a throne and demands what is right in the Justice card. This is the only way there should be a love relationship between you and he, because if it is less than that, you will end up the one who has nothing to show for it. There will be a pregnancy. The Empress card assures us of that, but the future with him is iffy at best.

Sometimes he is hot sometimes cold. If he is not the man you would marry, or if he is not the man who will marry you, you must get busy terminating this relationship, or you could spend many years in this same state of unknowing, jumping from one foot to the next like the figure in the 2 of Pentacles.

The state of your relationship is unknown because you haven’t pushed the issue of marriage. But you have to do what is right for you, and what is ultimately right for him as well. It’s far too easy these days to have someone’s baby and for them to just walk away. But that never leads to anything but misery.

God bless you, Jane.



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