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by Edward Gordon

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The Dream:

This dream occurred on September 13, 2010, and was dictated by the dreamer known to me as Crimson Regret (aka Harpreet). It was posted on the Dream Moods forum on September 14, 2010 with an open request for interpretation. I read the dream initially on the 14th, and after receiving some additional biographical information, wrote my interpretation on Wednesday, September 15, 2010. I then emailed my analysis to her personal e-mail address that she provided for that purpose. I have cut and pasted her dictation of the dream as follows:


I had a dream in the morning that I was trying to control but couldn't. I dreamt of a man who had a great personality and he always smile. He was poor. I was attracted to him because he was nice and gentle. He took me to his home where there were lots of poor families around him. We sat down in a room. He suddenly turned his head and I could see a patch of baldness with horrible skin disease. Then I started noticing skin disease in some parts of his body. Yet he was still smiling and was nice to me. He was attracted to me and I lost my attraction towards him. I asked him about his career and he says he tries to earn money from odd jobs where he is under paid. He says whenever he is broke and he needs money he breaks down his wall of his house and takes out a black bag where there are cup cakes, bread and pastries to survive. I felt sympathetic towards him yet I didn't want him. But his personality was so attractive that made sleepover at his place. That night he was fixing my bed while I was climbing upstairs to his bedroom. I suddenly saw a huge brown-white spider climbing up the stairs. It freaked me out. When I reached his bedroom where we were going to sleep, I saw him sleeping next to a big white spider and he was persuading me to sleep next to that brown-white spider. After a lot of convincing, I slept next to the spider and that woke me up.

I don't understand this dream and that day I had a bad time at work. And I have a funny feeling that there are more bad times I have to face at work. This is a new job.

I need someone to interpret or explain what am I dreaming of.

Dreamer’s Biographical Info:

Crimson Regret is a 30-year-old Asian Indian woman living in Vancouver, Canada. Her astrological sun is in Leo. I have analyzed both her natal chart and transits for the time of this dream. Having done so, I feel confident I can make a reasonably accurate interpretation.


This dream is a single-occurring message dream with possible precognitive elements.

Analysis and Interpretation:

This dream is most definitely about your future soul mate relationship. The information you provided on praying to your guardian angels about meeting your soul mate prior to falling asleep, as well as strong indicators in your natal astrological chart and current transiting planets confirm that.

Since you were born with your sun in the sixth house, it is not surprising that you might think this dream was about work. Work is something that is now and has been very important to you; of that I have no doubt. But in this case, the dream is in regards to a soul mate relationship you are about to encounter, and hopefully won’t ruin by not heeding the message of this dream.

It is for this reason, that I have classified the dream as having possible precognitive elements, because I believe this relationship is about to be born. And I don’t want to get too technical with the astrology, but you are thinking about these things because the sun is in your seventh house (the house of relationships). You were born with Jupiter in your seventh house, so you are going to have good fortune in relationships, and soon, the sun will be leaving your seventh house and only Pluto will remain. Pluto is all about transformation—and isn’t it ironic that your dream is about transforming your ideas about what constitutes a potential soul mate.

And don’t worry: he’s probably going to be gorgeous; you’re not going to have to marry a poor leper. But, let’s look at the symbolism more closely.

First, you want to control the dream but can’t. This means that this transformation you must make, is not negotiable. You must understand this. If you want a soul mate relationship, you must understand what the spirit guides (your angels) are trying to presently teach you. Are you willing to hear them?

You meet a man you are attracted to, but he’s untouchable. That’s what the skin disease is telling you. And you have Neptune in your first house in your natal chart. The first house is the house of identity and Neptune is the planet of religion. I am convinced this dream is telling you that this person will be an outcaste to you, and that’s going to bother you. But you will be in love with him. What to do?

In other words, and I think this is quite clear, you’re not going to marry an Indian man. I think he’s going to be as white as they come and probably so far removed from your natural culture that you will feel as if you are breaking all the rules. To your family, he may well be untouchable. Who knows? He may be a French Catholic. I have no insight into those specifics unfortunately.

The house you go to is a symbol of his soul. Notice, you enter it and sleep over. That’s a good sign in my opinion. That you don’t want to have sex with him is symbolic only. In reality, that will probably be pretty good if you let it. Rather, not wanting to have sex in the dream is symbolic of you not being willing to form a spiritual union with him.
But notice you have to go upstairs in his house. This is telling you that losing part of your self to him as you become one with him is an ascent, spiritually speaking.

When he needs to survive, he feeds of his soul. That’s what the part of your dream means when he breaks down a wall in his house and finds good things to eat. Poor people surround him not because he is necessarily poor, but he may well be following a career more associated with his passions or calling, therefore, he may not be wealthy.

The spiders are very interesting, and only the Divine could have such an ironic sense of humor (So you know this dream is from the spiritual realm.). The spiders represent fear. Your spider is brown and white, and it is your fear of lying in bed with someone not of your culture—lying in bed in the sense of forming a marital union.


I believe you are about to find a romantic relationship with someone of a different culture. I think he will be the one you fall in love with and this will cause you great consternation. That consternation could ruin the relationship unless you understand this dream and start to deal with those emotions ahead of time.

As a Leo, you may be more inclined to worry about status issues with your potential soul mate. Your natal spiritual force is one of royalty. But he’s going to be different from you in that regard. He may be different from you in many regards, but that is what will complete you. And you will complete him. That’s what soul mates do.

And make no mistake, if you let him go because you have not resolved these issues, you will never find another. The lesson here, for this incarnation of yours, is to let compassion rule over fear. Let your Leo nature do that.

I normally don’t do this, but I want to relate a personal story. My wife and I once went to dinner with a cardiologist we knew. She was a woman from India. She told us about a man she had met, and that she loved him. But he wasn’t of her caste; he was a Westerner and so, of course, an outcaste by definition. Her family would have been embarrassed. So, she lived (still lives perhaps) in a large house all by herself. I sure hope that’s not your fate. Life is better than that.

Good luck to you, Harpreet. It’s been an honor to interpret this dream for you. :-)

Your Friend,

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