Dream Interpretation Example
by Edward Gordon

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Delivered via PM, FPR
July 1, 2017


The Dream:

This dream occurred on June 10, 2017, near midnight, and was dictated by the dreamer known to me as Jane Doe. It was posted in the Free Psychic Readings Facebook group on June 29, 2017 with an open request for interpretation. I read the dream initially on the 29th, and after receiving some additional biographical information from the querent, wrote my interpretation on Saturday, July 1, 2017. I then emailed my analysis to her personal e-mail address that she provided for that purpose. I have cut and pasted her dictation of the dream as follows:

[basically i saw that me and my sister were going some where on a bike. its dark and lots of trees are around and then we see a guy (he recently passed away he drowned) and his friend on bike and then my sister says thats the guy who has died and i be like yes he will redie and then one of them says my sister name and she get scared and says how they know me then i say they know us and when my sister says yes they run after us and doesnt let us escape i and the guy who recently died disapper but other guy is still after my sister and then she runs off to a room where a old lady be sleeping and shes blind but she's not blind she is pretending and then my sister hide behind her bed and that guy comes looking for my sister and pulls her from her hair and all of sudden dream changes and some magic birds comes and one says we should help her and then othe one say they will tell him they helped him and i woke up. The guy who died takes me with him]


Dreamer’s Biographical Info:

J. is a 20-year-old Middle Eastern woman living in Vancouver, Canada. Her astrological sun is in Libra. I have not been able to analyze her natal chart, because she doesn't know the time she was born. However, I have analyzed the transiting planets for the day of this dream. Having done so, I feel confident I can make a reasonably accurate interpretation.



I am convinced this dream is a single-occurring message dream without precognitive elements.


Analysis and Interpretation:

The bike represents slow progress. The reason it's dark is because you are trying to learn something, but you can't see the light at this time. This theory is further bolstered by the fact that the moon and Saturn are in conjunction in the 9th house of Sagittarius on the day of this dream. The moon is our emotional/intuitive nature; Saturn is the planet of restriction, and Sagittarius is the sign of higher learning, philosophy, and religion.

You see someone who has died in the darkness you are in, and ironically, he and his friend are also on a bike. This is to show the consequence of slow progress. You then state the consequence: re-death. And that's very interesting, because in typical reincarnation theory, the focus is on re-birth, but your statement is more like a statement from Jesus, or from Buddhist philosophy: the punishment is re-death, over and over. And herein we find another message: We are born to die. How many times we live a life of suffering and face our death is up to our progress in this world.

That he knows you and your sister, and that they prevent your escape, means there's something about the way they lived their life that is common to the way you are living your life, and thus your fates are intertwined--as things currently stand. What's fascinating is that you and the one who died disappear.

The disappearance, and later when you sat that he "takes you with him," means that you are removed from this scenario. But your sister remains. Your sister, keep in mind, is not really your sister. In the dream, your sister symbolizes "another version of you." So, one version is removed from the scenario, but the other goes on through it. This is the Divine telling you that you have a choice what version you will be. In fact, that is the central question of this dream: What version will you choose? The one in the dark, or the one removed from the dark?

The blind old woman represents your possible spiritual future. It means that if you continue in the slow progress of darkness, you will end up unable to help anyone. You will be weak; you will hide from the truth (pretending to be blind), and your life's wisdom will have come to nothing. The devil will snatch those you could have helped right out of your hand.

But, the Divine will send angels to help you in this slow progress (magic birds). They will teach you and save you from a wasted spiritual life that leads only to, as your dream body so aptly put it, re-death. You may well expect a serious spiritual revelation around the middle of December when the sun enters Sagittarius along with an army of other luminaries (the moon, Mercury, Venus and a trine between the Sun and Uranus). These will overcome Saturn's influence. These are the little birds. Heed what they say, my friend.



The message is to keep your eyes open. Don't be willfully blind. See the truth hidden behind all things. Don't follow in the path of others. Your relationship with the Divine is your responsibility, not your husband's and not your religion. You may even find it necessary to hide what you truly believe. And above all, do not live the same life as the one who drowned. A better path is whatever path he was not on at the time he died.

Take care, Jane.



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