Direct Reading Example
by Edward Gordon

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Hello Jane,

You Asked: [May I have a general reading please?]

Thank you for contacting me for this reading. I truly appreciate that. I do in fact get some very specific things about you. I may be a bit fuzzy though, because you haven't presented me with a specific question. Which is fine; this is a general reading, and this is what I perceive:

First off, there is a deep quality about you. I sense it as something quite psychic in nature, and I believe you may have natural abilities to contact spirits from the other side. I get a sense that your spirit travels freely to the astral plane, and it influences you. Jane, I strongly recommend, if you are not already doing so, that you begin to practice the psychic art you have a talent for. I'm pretty sure that's mediumship, but you may have an attraction to other things as well. I suspect this time of year for you as we enter Pisces is quite energizing for you because of your natural psychic nature.

But as we come down to earth a bit, I sense you are a very protective maternal figure. I think family means a lot to you, and I think you have the capacity to love perhaps step-children every bit as much as you love your own.

I sense that you are an outgoing and fun-loving spirit. I think at times you don't really like yourself a lot, but this doesn't cripple you the way it does others. You take care of yourself. You look good when you go out. You see to that, but you are not hell-bent on perfection, and you refuse to live life like an ascetic trying to form yourself into something you’re not. Suffering is not something you signed on to, and you really don't have a lot of respect for the obsessive-compulsive types who suffer so much so that others will like them. No, in fact, I'm sure you don't give a damn what people think.

But that doesn't mean you're not a good friend. You're very loyal, but again, Scorpio figures into your personality, and you will strike back if people aim to hurt you or those you love.

You have a great deal of personal power, and there's no stopping you if you set your mind to doing something, but I get a sense you may be feeling a lack of purpose in your life. Something seems to be calling you, but you can't figure out what it is. You're looking for answers to that question. And it's a bit surprising to you, because when you were young, this "calling" didn't matter so much, but now it's always there and it comes to you at odd times. You wonder what it is you should be doing. I wouldn't be surprised if this is making you wonder about employment or career, or perhaps going back to school.

Now, I don't want you to worry about this too much, but I think you must be careful with your social circle. There is someone around you—a female, I believe, who is very jealous of you and may not be the friend you think she is. I'm not saying that you should confront this person, because lots of people in our lives can be jealous. But over the next 30 days, in your social circles, be careful of private details about your life that you might otherwise share. I think someone is listening in who doesn't have your best interests at heart.

That's the reading I have for you, tonight, my friend. I wish you the very best of luck, Jane. You seem to me to be a really nice person; I get a good vibe about that, so I wish you the best.




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