Fundamentals of Tarot Divination (TD101)

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Independent study using Messenger or E-mail



Tarot: The Dark Art

Edward Gordon,

Black Spirit Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9838971-6-3


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Class dates:

Self-paced. Start any time. Finish any time. Instructor requires 2 days between lessons.

Class Size:

Individual tutoring

This class provides 12 lessons in the basics in tarot divination. It shows the student how to conduct and interpret tarot readings both for the student’s personal use, and for public readings. It covers the history of tarot, an assessment of psychic potential for tarot, how to choose a tarot deck, interpreting the Minor and Major Arcana, various ritual spreads, and essential equipment. This class provides the educational requirement for certification.

Methods of Instruction:
Written instruction, video instruction, lesson quizzes, private and public practicums, private Q&A with instructor.

When the student has finished the course, they will be able to provide competent and accurate tarot readings and have the confidence to do so in public and online settings.

Students will pass all lesson quizzes at 80% or better. Students will competently participate in 12 lessons.


$5.95 USD per lesson. Non-refundable. Paid through PayPal. Student may pay as they go.

Tarot Cards:

Student may use any deck with Rider-Waite imagery. Rider-Waite, or Universal Wait is preferred. Below is a standard deck.

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Student must send a working e-mail to the instructor either via Facebook PM or e-mail.

Optional Supplies:

Candles, incense, reading table, black table cloth.

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