Edward Gordon, R.N., B.Sc., SPS Inst.

Administrator of the Free Psychic Readings Facebook Group
Author of:
Tarot: The Dark Art
Caretakers of Eternity
The Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ
Vital Architecture and the New Design of Happiness

I was born in Redding, California, on September 22, 1964, at 1:00 pm (for those of you into astrological charts). I’ve been an astrologer and interpreting dreams for the last twenty years, and I've been a Spiritualist and medium since 1984. The psychic arts, including tarot, palmistry, and direct psychic readings, are things I enjoy doing. I've always felt very affected by spiritual matters, and I seem to have a knack for interpreting symbols, or so I've been told.



Edward's Birth Chart



During the ten years I spent in the military, I lived eight of those in England (1982-1990). It was there that I first got involved with the Spiritualist Church. But most of my time off, I spent as an avid ghost hunter. I still like conducting an investigation when the mood strikes, but I don’t spend as much time ghost hunting these days as I used to.


Most recent exploration: Bay St. Louis, 2015


I’ve been happily married for the last 23 years, and we have one daughter, Rebecca, who lives in England with her husband. Together they are raising our four grandsons, and we couldn’t be more proud of them all.



Avebury, England


Some have asked me what part of England I found to be the most spiritually active, and they're surprised when I tell them how relatively uneventful Stonehenge was for me. Of course the Summer Solstices were never boring, but if a person really wants some private time with powerful spiritual forces from the ancient past, they should travel up the road to the stones of Avebury. Something within the stones cries out, and I’ve spent a lot of time listening. I also recommend hiking around the many ruined castles that still exist in England today.



Shiprock, New Mexico


Two of my favorite places for spiritual activity in the United States are Shiprock in the Four Corners area of New Mexico, where I’ve spent a great deal of time, and the French Quarter in New Orleans on a relatively quiet fall morning in the middle of the week.



Louisiana Gulf Coast


In fact, my wife and I find most of Southern Louisiana to be highly charged in spiritual energy, especially at dawn which is why we choose to live here. For the last ten years, hurricanes or not, we ‘ve lived in and around the New Orleans area and will probably always remain here.




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