I was born in Redding, California, on September 22, 1964, at 1:00 pm. I’ve been an astrologer and dream interpreter for the last ten years, and I also practice tarot and mediumship. I graduated from Regent's College in New York in 1998 with a bachelor of science in liberal arts, where I concentrated in psychology and sociology. Later, in 2004, I graduated from nursing school at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College with an associate of science in nursing.

in 1982, I went into the U.S. Air Force and lived in the southwest of England for 8 years from 1982-1990. After leaving the Air Force in 1992, I held several different jobs including, animal control officer, bookkeeper, and education counselor. In 2004, when I became a registered nurse, I worked primarily in cardiology and ICU before spending the last 7 years of that career in psychiatry. I started my psychic practice in 2008, and opened my business, Readings-by-Edward, in 2016. I now work fulltime as a psychic advisor and author.

I've been married since 1993, and have one child, my daughter Rebecca, who lives in England now with her husband and our four grandsons. I live in the New Orleans area with my wife and our three dogs and two cats, and we’ve been here since 2010.

I had my first psychic experience when I was 9 years old. I was walking in a field near the apartments where my family lived in Escondido, California, and I had a visitation. I looked up into the sky and something came to me in a flash, a presence I didn't understand then, but it filled me with the most intense joy I have ever known--and truly have not known since. That presence has been with me all these years; it's never gone away. It speaks to me, advises me, and I believe it empowers my psychic abilities. I suppose it is my spirit guide, or perhaps an angel, but one thing's for sure, it has always been my friend.

I broke into psychic practice one day when I visited a dream interpretation forum. I have always had very strange dream states, and I was looking for some answers as to why, and I noticed that many people were posting for readings.

I read a couple of the dreams, and they seemed quite obvious to me. The symbols had deep spiritual meaning, and I just knew what they meant. I soon became quite popular in the forum, and to this day, dream interpretation remains my most natural and greatest talent.

Then, quite by accident, I discovered that often the dreams coincided with the transiting planets in a person's astrological chart. So, I became quite heavily involved with the study of astrology and applied it to my dream interpretations.

One day, while my wife and I were in the French Quarter, we decided to have a tarot reading at one of the local shops. I had never had one at that time, but when the psychic reader laid out the cards, I immediately understood what was going on. The cards were just like symbols in a dream. So, I set out to study tarot, and I became quite proficient with it. I even wrote a book about it, "Tarot: The Dark Art."

To this day, I remain fascinated by the psychic arts. I believe everyone should discover the psychic art they are good at, and I believe everyone is good at one psychic art or another. I think it’s good for the soul and brings one closer to the Divine every time they engage in it.



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