Rev. Edward J. Gordon, R.N., B.Sc.


Administrator of:
Strengthening Your Christian Faith



Edward Jerome Gordon was born to Edward Harold Gordon and Helen Maxine Felderman in Redding, California on September 22, 1964. He lived most of his early life in Riverside, California before moving with his family to Sterling, Colorado where he graduated high school in 1982. At that time, he entered the United States Air Force and served for ten years active duty as an aircraft electrician and then another six years in the U.S. Air Force Reserve as an education and training manager. He currently works as a registered nurse and has extensive experience in psychiatric nursing, ICU, and emergency room nursing.

Edward graduated with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Regent’s College in New York (now called Excelsior College) in 1998. He earned his nursing degree from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and was licensed as a registered nurse in 2004.

In 1993, while once again living again in Riverside (as an adult), Edward had a profound religious experience after reading the Gospel of John in the New Testament. He came to understand that Jesus Christ was not simply telling the truth but was, in fact, the truth itself. He realized in that moment that Jesus must be the Lord of his life and that there was no other way to God except through Christ. Thus, in 1993, he was born again.

Early on, Edward adopted the use of social media in the form of internet newsgroups that began in the 1990’s. In newsgroups like alt.atheim and alt.christianity, Edward found a talent for debating atheists and secular humanists. These debates grew into a passion that spanned some 26 years. The lasting result being that he produced three original arguments for the existence of God.

Today, Edward Gordon is the administrator of the Facebook group, “Strengthening Your Christian Faith.” His primary focus is helping other Christians develop miracle-working faith in their lives without endorsing the modern theology of the prosperity gospel. He is an ordained interdenominational Protestant minister and continues to serve Christ as a registered nurse and a spiritual counselor to those needing his services.


He has been married 26 years to his wife, Michelle, and together they live in southern Mississippi with their two dogs and one cat. He has one daughter from a previous marriage, Rebecca, who lives in England with her husband John, and their four sons, Alexander, Jayden, William, and James.



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