Direct readings are intended to provide direct communications from the spirit world to the psychic. With a picture of the client for reference, or with the client present, the psychic gazes into a crystal—usually formed into the shape of a sphere (a crystal ball)—and as they focus into the crystal their gaze turns inward, and they begin to see things, and their spirit guide begins to tell them things about the person they are reading for.

Sometimes the psychic sees a vision of the future; sometimes it’s a communication from an entity on the astral plane; sometimes it’s an insight into a problem the client is having.

More than anything, crystal readings are the best choice for yes-or-no questions (e.g., will today be a good day to play at the casino, etc.). I often consult my crystal to help make decisions about all kinds of life events.

So, if you think a crystal reading could help you, you should take advantage of my services. I can write them up in an e-mail or PM them to you. Either way, I’m here to help you.

Click here to see an example of a typical direct reading.


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