Edward Jerome Gordon (Born September 22, 1964 in Redding, California.) is an emergency room registered nurse. He's also an independent author, editor, and poet. His books include: Vital Architecture and the New Design of Happiness (XYSTUM, 2001), Caretakers of Eternity (Black Spirit Publishing, 2011), The Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ (Black Spirit Publishing, 2012), Tarot the Dark Art ((Black Spirit Publishing, 2017), Discovering Your Psychic Self (Black Spirit Publishing, 2017), and his collection of poetry: Riverside (Black Spirit Publishing, 2018).

In the early 2000's, he served as an Area Governor for Toastmasters International, a contributor to Toastmasters Magazine, as well as the president of several local TM clubs. In 2001 he won the Toastmasters District 29 International Speech Contest, and in that same year was awarded the Gulf Coast Writers Association Literary Award in non-fiction for his essay, Samaritans and Tired Clerks.

In 1998, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts from Regents College of New York where he studied creative writing, psychology, and theology. He earned his nursing degree in 2014 from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and began his nursing career that same year working in cardiology. Following that, he worked in the intensive care unit for five years, and then in psychiatry for seven years after that.

In order to pursue a longtime ambition, he took a year off from nursing when the psychiatric facility he was working for closed. He used that time to pursue a career as a professional psychic, specializing in tarot readings and astrology. He also wrote and published Tarot the Dark Art and Discovering Your Psychic Self during that time. As a lifelong student of religion and the occult, Gordon continues to regard himself as an occultist. As he puts it, "I choose to find God in those hidden places where no one ever looks." He quit practicing psychism professionally when he found he couldn't make enough money at it without resorting to conning people, and as he states, he simply was not willing to go down that road. Thus, in 2018, he returned to nursing and began his professional life in the emergency room. He now regards nursing as his professional vocation, and writing (especially poetry) as his artistic calling.

Edward J. Gordon is a veteran of the United States Air Force, where he served honorably from 1982-1992 and then later in the Air Force Reserve from 1995-2001.Currently, he resides in Southern Louisiana with his wife of twenty-five years, Michelle, and their three dogs and one cat. Throughout the 1980’s he traveled extensively in Europe, England, and the Middle East, and lived at different times in the United States, Canada, and England. His only child, Rebecca, currently resides in England with her husband John and their four sons, James, Alexander, William, and Jayden.