Astrology is a tool that is used to understand the fatalistic winds that are blowing on your life. As any sailor knows, if you can read the direction of the wind, and if you take control of your sail and rudder, no matter which direction the wind is blowing, you can sail in any direction you want. That’s what astrology is all about—taking control of your fate in order to steer your life in any direction you want.


You are a unique creation in this universe, and you have a unique purpose and life path. This purpose and path can be understood simply by looking at how the stars and planets are aligned at the time and place of your birth. Your birth chart reveals many mysteries about you as a person as well as where your individual road is headed.

I am certified in astrology. I have taught it and conducted original research in the field. My interpretations of charts are incredibly accurate, and I can interpret your chart for you to. Simply call or contact me today.



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