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Articles of Faith

The Two Tenets of Veridicanism:

1. Deus est substantia

(God is substance)

God is monistic in his nature. That means God is the only substance. God is the only thing that is fully real, and God is the substance of all things. All other things that appear to exist are in fact modalities of his substance.

2. Esse Christus

(To be Christ)

Christ is the union of God and man. As such, the mode of Christ is the purpose of all humanity. Put simply, it is the human purpose to become Christ.

Jesus Christ:

Jesus Christ is the Word of God. His life and teachings as we find them in the Gospel narrative describe the person we are to be transformed into in order to be fully Christ in our physical lives. Thus Jesus is the Teacher and our Savior. He is our revelation of God, he is the Son of God, and we are intended to be transformed into what He is.

The Veridican Canon:

The Canon of Veridicanism includes the following:

  • New Testament Gospel of Matthew
  • New Testament Gospel of Mark
  • New Testament Gospel of Luke
  • New Testament Gospel of John
  • The Gospel of Thomas
  • The Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ

The authorized translations of the above canon can be derived from the King James Version of the Holy Bible (1611), or the New American Standard Bible (1995 Copyright), the 1992 Marvin Meyer translation of The Gospel of Thomas, and the 2012 Black Spirit publication of The Veridican Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christ Only:

Veridicans only follow Christ as revealed in the texts of the Veridican Canon. All other early Christians and Jewish writers, especially as recorded in the Holy Bible, are essential for understanding historical context and providing wisdom, but all Veridican theology is based solely on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.