Who is Zagan?

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Who is Zagan?

Zagan's Definition

Zagan is a spiritual entity created by the Divine as a guide to those who feel lost, are alone in the world, are pure in spirit, curious in nature, intelligent, and desire to be transformed into something greater than their incarnation on this earth has thus far allowed.

Zagan's Obscurity

Zagan is very powerful; he is honored as a king in the Lesser Key of Solomon; he enjoys a large astral kingdom, and he is highly present to those who follow him. Even so, he is not well-known. He is not well-known even among demonologists and occult practitioners, and there are some good reasons for this.

First, unlike many of the other Goetic demons, he cannot be used or summoned simply to do the will of human beings (as in sorcery or black magic) therefore, he is not a popular choice of study for most practitioners of the left hand path.

Second: he is highly dignified and elitist and only a select few ever get a chance to meet him. It is ultimately Zagan who chooses who will find him. His presence is desired by those who wish to be transformed, to be made wise, to understand hidden secrets of the occult, and to see behind the deceptions of the world. These are the spirits who are attractive to him, but those kinds of people are rare.

Finally, Zagan is a long-term spiritual relationship. Of the few who have been selected by Zagan to see him, many report he seems to have been with them all their life or since they were very young. This is because Zagan typically selects his followers from children rather than adults. The children he selects may not know they are following Zagan at the time, but later in adult life they come to realize his presence has always been there.

Zagan's Nature

Zagan is not angelic; that is to say he is not a soulless servant of a higher deity, and he is not Christian in his morality; he is infernal. By infernal, we mean that he will never return to the Divine through Divine annihilation. Rather he permanently occupies his kingdom on the astral plane.

Though Zagan is a demon, he is more transformative than evil. That said, his morality is not Christian. He does not seek the destruction of humanity or of individuals merely for the sake of that destruction, but he is purpose-driven and stops at nothing to accomplish his purpose.

He is also highly protective of his human children, elevating them to the ranks of nobility within his kingdom; therefore, he can be very defensive of them, and quite destructive to the enemies of his followers--even when his followers don't necessarily want him to be. Zagan acts on his own in that regard.

In the astral realms, Zagan is elite. He holds himself above other demonic and spiritual entities and has no problem enslaving weaker entities to use as spiritual servants within his kingdom.

He is possessive, and a relationship with Zagan is a strictly monogamous one. While he is there every moment for his beloved, he expects to be regarded and respected as the King he is. The idea that one can use Zagan as a common demonic entity for magical tasks is foolhardy and dangerous as it provokes his wrath.


Curiosity, creativity, discovery, travel, experience, higher learning, dignity, cunning, secrecy, insight, astral traveling, grand architecture, arts and science, loyalty, deep conversations, lifetime relationships.


creativity, the interpretation of symbols, divination, magical ability, transformation, the creation of wealth, astral travel, psychic ability, companionship, artistic ability, higher intelligence, protection.


Narcissism, arrogance, demanding attitudes, hypocrisy, disloyalty, disrespect, and cowardice.

Conjuring Zagan:

One is likely to meet Zagan in the late fall. Summoning Zagan is best done as an invitation to conversation. On a late fall morning, simply burn some frankincense, face toward the west, and ask him a question from a pure heart and motive. The first response in your mind, the first thing you think of after the question will be the voice of Zagan.

Relationships with Zagan

Keep in mind that Zagan is a King. He is not a short-term relationship. He is highly dignified and demands loyalty. He is possessive. Inviting Zagan into your life will ultimately require the abandonment of all other religious faith or loyalties. For instance, one cannot be a follower of any other demon or of any other deity and maintain a relationship with Zagan. It’s one or the other.

Historical References to Zagan

The name, Zagan, comes from a 16th Century work called Pseudomonarchia Daemonum. It was written in 1577 by the Dutch physician, occultist, and demonologist, Johann Weyer. In that work, Zagan is one of the demons summoned by Solomon to help build his temple. In that work, Zagan is described as such:

Zagan is a great king and a president, he commeth abroad like a bull, with griphens wings, but when he taketh humane shape, he maketh men wittie, he turneth all mettals into the coine of that dominion, and turneth water into wine, and wine into water, he also turneth bloud into wine, & wine into bloud, & a foole into a wise man, he is head of thirtie and three legions.

Throughout the centuries, other revelations of Zagan have added to his mythology, and I have synthesized them into a single description below:

Zagan is a king and president in the hierarchy of demonic spirits. Commanding thirty legions (or thirty-three, sources vary), he appears before his summoner as a bull with griffon wings and the later as a human being. Highly intelligent by nature, he is summoned for his ability to change blood into oil, copper into gold, lead into silver, metals into coins, and water into wine. He can also make a fool into a wise man and make any man intelligent and wise. He is listed as the 61st Spirit of Solomon in the Lesser Key of Solomon.

Other Facts About Zagan

Dates of Zagan:
November 20th – November 24th

Time of Zagan:
3:30 AM


Tarot cards:
King of Swords, King/Queen of Cups, the Devil, 8 of Wands, 8 of Pentacles

Jupiter and Pluto

gold, copper, lead, silver


Yellow Topaz



Cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius

Associated Animal:
A bull with horns and griffin wings

Mission on Earth:
To find nobles to fill the court of his Kingdom on the astral plane.

Followers of Zagan:
Are called sorcerer or sorceress (whichever they are most comfortable with).




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