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My name is Edward, and I provide a range of spiritual consultations and psychic services for my clients. Together we will examine the issue, see where your road is headed, and I will help you to find a solution.



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Telephone Sessions

Empowerment, guidance, coaching, and teaching.
Any psychic readings needed are included in the session.
Contact me to schedule a time.

$24.95/30 min

Tarot Reading

Send a single, specific question that matters to you
--or just ask for a general reading.

$9.95/per question

Astrology Reading

Send your birth date, birth time, and city of birth,
and the area you want me to concentrate on
--or just ask for a general reading. A copy of your chart is included with the reading.

$14.95/per question

Dream Interpretation

Write me with the details of your dream, whatever you can remember. Do not send any information after you send
your intitial dream report.

$9.95/per dream

Psychic Classes

Learn Tarot Divination or become a witch through the Fundamentals of Witchcraft





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10 am - 4 pm Central U.S. Time - Monday - Friday




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Types of Readings


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Edward addresses his 86,000-member Facebook Group, Free Psychic Readings
Provides spiritual insights, performs live tarot readings.




Watch one of my tarot readings!
This is the ritual I follow for the private tarot readings I do.



Omg that was to most spine-chilling reading I've ever gotten. It's so accurate it just makes me want to jump for joy. Thank you so so much. This was by far the best reading I've ever had.
~ Lina Barraza




My psychic readings are for entertainment

and spiritual purposes only.

Please read my full disclaimer here.






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